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The new YEFCU website!

Welcome to the new YEFCU website! We’re so excited that you’re here.
This feature is one of many that we’ve included with the intent to deliver a steady
stream of financial resources to you, our membership! While there have been many
changes to YEFCU’s online presence, the quality of our content will always continue to
be as reliable as it has been for the last 55 years. So sit back, take a look around and
allow us to help you navigate the most notable upgrades to our website!

1. Color Scheme and Logo:

YEFCU’s logo and color scheme have been around for almost as long as
the company itself, having stood the test of time throughout our expansions over
the years. We wanted our new logo to continue to represent our core values with
a fun new twist. We settled on the blue of a chalkboard to call back to our roots
as a teacher’s credit union, alongside complimenting orange and greens. The
book behind the “Y” of our name signifies how important we believe every aspect
of education is, and that it’s the first step to a successful financial journey.

2. Home and Mobile Banking Made Easy

As always, YEFCU takes pride in its efficient services to our members.
That’s why we made accessing your home and mobile banking easier with this
new upgrade. The home banking login box is located front and center on our
homepage, and the previous logon process that includes your member number,
password and security questions has not changed. The enroll option for our new
members is also easily available in the same place so they can begin to access
their accounts online with little trouble. When you aren’t on the homepage, the
login option for home banking will always be in the very top right corner in

Access to our mobile banking is also available right underneath the Home
Banking box on our home page. There you can expect to find information
regarding where to find the mobile app on Google Play and the Apple Store, as
well as what’s featured on the app.

3. Loans, Loans, and more Loans!

Reaching out to our loan department has never been easier than with our
introduction of online scheduling. Members can now pick available times
provided by our loan team to meet with them and discuss new loans, existing
loans, and how to better manage their loan payments.
You can find all of our current loan rates listed on our Rates page. When
searching for a loan that won’t break your budget, we’ve installed a loan
calculator on almost every one of our loan service pages so you can estimate
more accurately what your loan payments and interest may actually look like.

4. Educational Content

Financial literacy and knowledge has always been rooted in the foundation
of our credit union. That’s why we’ve decided to provide multiple resources for
our members to use with those educational goals in mind. We’ve revamped our
quarterly newsletter, Saving Sense, to include financial tips and current
promotions, listed multiple government run websites to aid in identity theft and
fraud protection research, created an Education Resources page dedicated to
higher education resources, and started this blog that’s updated every week and
filled with financial tips and tricks for our membership to use. We also have
financial counseling available to members who would like to have one-on-one
guidance to enhance their finances.

5. FAQ section

For our members who may still have questions about how our home
banking or mobile app works, what to do about suspected fraud on their account,
or would like to reach out to a YEFCU staff member, our Contact Page has an
in-depth FAQ section and contact form they can use to find answers. If you’re still
having trouble fixing a potential problem, you can always go to the search bar at
the top of our home page to look specifically for what you need. And if that still
doesn’t yield the results you’d like, give us a call during office hours and we are
more than happy to help you!

“Rooted in the spirit of helping people.”

– The YEFCU Team

This website was born from months of hard work from our staff, all with the user
experience of our membership in mind, so we hope you enjoy the change of scenery.
We appreciate all of our members for making us the financial institution they trust and
will continue to provide the services, resources and opportunities that’s kept us in
business for the past five decades. That’s what makes us rooted in the spirit of people
helping people!

The first step of your financial journey is just a click away.

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